Monday, September 17, 2012

Transformers Reveal the Shield Generation One Mini Megatron

Pretty much exactly a year ago I was spazzing out about these mini Transformers in the Reveal the Shield line. I was only able to get the Autobots at the time, as the stores never had Megatron or Starscream. Well thanks again to IDstormtroopers, and a trip to I quote; "bf no where," Megatron is in the Museum. Thats the benefit of road trips in middle of non populated states, you find places that no one ever visits and things pile up. This Megatron did have considerable amount of shelf where, his plastic shell was heavily scuffed, and the shell perimeter was attached by scotch tape, but inside he was still perfectly maintained.

Amazingly spot on to the original Generation One Megatron, and for such a small size. It makes us all ask why they couldn't have replicated that for the classics line instead of the Nerf Megatron (which I still like too).  I would have no problem if this mini was scaled larger with the same transforming mechanics. Besides, the easier to Transform, the more I like.

In Prime vs. Megatron form.

In gun form.

In Cobra Commander hands form.

I can now retire from looking for this toy.

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