Saturday, July 31, 2010

2010 A-Team Van

Oh why oh why did I go to Target last night? Here I am trying to cut down on the toy budget (trying to recoup loses from Autobot Blaster), and I still go to a toy aisle. I guess a clearance sale doesn't count. The A-Team van was on my list of must have summer toys, and getting one for 12.48, was a steal!

It features lights and sounds, but lights are just head lights that blink on and off. The sounds are okay, but it would have been nice to have a button for sound effects, and one for quotes, instead of them mixed. Also missing is the quote, "I love it when a plan comes together!" Instead the quote is, "We'll need a plan" in a somewhat bored voice. Sound effects are nice; gun fire, tires screeching, zooming sounds.

Over all feel is pretty good. Its not your kids back yard toy, the doors are very weak, (the sliding door is easily removable), and some of the outside vehicle pieces are really soft. Other than that, its solid, and should hold up in a battle. It's nice that they have four chairs, but maybe instead of electronics, and back door with cannon would have been nicer? I looks so authentic, I guess extra features are unnecessary.

In some ways its the same toy from last years Rise of Cobra APV. My friend warned me that I already bought this toy once, and he's probably right. Thats why I bought another one, the look so good together.

I don't have any A-Team figures yet. Target didn't have any figures left, so for now here is my A-Team replacement team. The mainframe figure looked old for Hannibal, and Quick Kick is crazy enough to play Murdock, Roadblock is missing a mohawk but he's big like B.A. Baracus, and Flint can disquise up like Hannibal too or Face I guess.

I would give the A-Team van four out of five My Little Ponies.

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