Tuesday, July 13, 2010


It must be a slow toy year if I am buying Goldar action figures. Goldar. Funny that only the exclusives for Cons and overpriced internet stuff this year are better than what they are selling on the shelves. I really hate toy companies right now. They are sucking too much fun out of this.

Not much to say about Goldar. The toy makers have succeeded in recreating a figure with little movement much like the guy in the costume. He has the strangest knees I have ever seen in a toy. They look jointed, maybe for spinning, but the kneecap prevents that. I thought maybe it was a hidden knee bend, but I think it might just break off. Thats not a good thing five minutes after opening him. His shoulders do have joints, but the pads prevent any decent movement. It could have been worse though. His head boasts 2 degree movement. Wow.

At the very least he's a common villain for the Green Ranger to throw down with. The wings are a plus too, as I can pretend he can fly. Hmmm, get out the Zip-line...


Anonymous said...

i have many memories of goldar. yet they are all the same. goldar's function was to yell at the goons who screw up, and look tuff by Rita. he only fought something in one episode right? maybe in the movie too

Dan said...

That sounds about right. He seemed strong, even though he rarely did anything. Had a good voice too.

Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

wish the original power ranger can be found in Malaysia right now.


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