Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Claw Machine is back!

Is it actually true?...

Looks like the Claw Machines profits plummeted when they moved it to a different lobby. But now its back, and so am I, and as soon as payday comes, tomorrow, I shall play again, putting the vendor's kids, through college.

That's a cute little guy. I wonder who made that? Any ideas Eclecto-Tron?


LEon said...

I see lot of cute toys inside! The despicable me is cute!!

chunky B said...

Doh, I still need to send you that package, I have it ready just need to get it out.

Hey that DM guy does look familiar : )

Dan said...

LEon, the best ones are always on the bottom, while the BYU bear is on top. Tried for that today, since BSU is now in Mountain West, and I need to start Voo-Dooing the Cougars.

Chunky B, No worries, but I'm still intriglyed excited!


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