Saturday, July 17, 2010

Star Trek II Space Ship Battle Tribute Animation

Yeah, a whole decade to complete this. One can't believe the time and energy put into this project, plus the enormous coordinating nightmare. So, I will summerize:

Started this in June of 2001 as a "quick" and silly animation of Star Trek Ships fighting. I believe I was using my old Micron 166MHz computer sporting windows 95. I think Paint Shop Pro was involved, but I can't remember what I used to animate it with. I remember I was making my computer overload with the maximum hurt as I maxed it in rendering the animation. In fact, I had to save it in two parts or the computer would crash. So for some unknown reason, I saved it to a floppy disk, for archiving I guess. I believe I had to shrink it down, loosing lots of resolution. Then I forgot about it.

Yesterday I found the floppy disc! How the hell did I get it off the floppy disc? Well my Dad, actually took out his old floppy drive and installed in his somewhat newer computer. I got the files transfered, but had no internet or flash drive, so I saved it to a CD. The files are in evil .AVI, and for the life of me, I can't get them into iPhoto or iMovie. I hate Quicktime by the way. I conference with a friend for about an hour trying all sorts of conversion tricks, but still no go. So finally, I find some free conversion softwear, but it leaves a watermark. Luckily I can crop it out as its on the top bar. Phew! So I add a couple more scenes this afternoon, some music, and walla! Done. Enjoy.

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