Monday, July 26, 2010

SDCC 2010 Blaster

Well I think I was able to secure a SDCC 2010 Blaster, I hope, I hope. You never know with these online stores. It looked like he was sold out earlier, but now is back on? I can't see him staying long. I bought mine early on in the morning, and the site was really slow. I hope I don't have to wait too long to get him. Funny that earlier in the year I thought, hey it would be neat to have a Blaster to compliment my Soundwave, but I didn't think that would happen so soon. Soundwave gets all the love in the Transformers world. I remember how big both Soundwave and Blaster were on the playground circuit. A boombox toy in the eighties is practically the decade toy mascot.

As for Sgt. Slaughter? No go, he must have sold our really fast. Not that I was going to get one, all my money was for Blaster. But, I would have really liked the chance for Slaughter as a regular toy too sometime. The way these toy companies do exclusives is really crumby in my book. I understand giving away something special for the fan who goes to a Con, but can't that just be a special carded version, or character that has less of a pull. I would imagine it would still have value. And why does the toy company care anyway that someone gets a toy that increases so much in value. That doesn't effect the toy company's bottom line, just the buyer. I'm just glad I got a Blaster, he's the better of the two choices.

And thanks for the overwhelming response to my blatant ploy of getting a Blaster. The rampant fan following of this blog is relentless. Maybe next years Comic Con, I'll do my own exclusive giveaway.


Stephen said...

That Blaster looks awesome! Does the tape deck actually open? And yeah, I hate the 'exclusive give-aways' too. At least some companies are getting smart and re-releasing the figures afterwards.

Dan said...

Toy photo'ed deck does not open. But the real Blaster's does.


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