Sunday, July 11, 2010

Plastic Depository II

Had some time today for phase II of my plastic depository. I hope when I say "plastic depository" people don't get the impression that I will circulate my toys like a library. That would be a cold day in hell, ha ha hah.

So building bookcase number 2 reminded me how craptastic these Walmart shelves are. The holes are off, the backboard had crush marks on it, and the kick was completely off. The overall height is just about half an inch taller than the first! I am hoping thats just a carpet issue, and it will settle to level. Actually after all the crap I listed above, it turned out better than I expect. You don't really know until you lift it off the ground to see how it will look, as you build it face down on the ground.

Bart was unhelpful on the install. He did crawl into the bookcase box at one point, which was pretty funny.

So there's phase 2. I'm thinking about upping the number of cases to 6! That way I can almost surround the room. It might be overkill, but I have a lot of toys to look at. We will see, if I can find bookcase number 3, and if it matches well with 1 and 2.

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