Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Transformers Animated Optimus Prime and a SDCC request

While everyone else is gearing up for SDCC, buying and reviewing new and wonderously hard to get exclusives, I will get this Optimus Prime toy from like two years ago. This blog is so cutting edge!

I have passed on this toy a few dozen times. I almost picked it up during X-mas sales when it was discounted pretty good, but didn't pull the trigger. Today I saw it for 60% off, which made it about 9.00 which is pretty much inexcusable for me not to pick it up (possibly ruining my 100 dollar a week budget that my wife and I started (that includes food (so peanut butter and Jelly the rest of week))).

I'm not the biggest fan of Transformers Animated. I have season one on DVD, and still have yet to finish it. I think I am on the last episode though, so maybe if Megatron gets his body back, it will be better. The toy looks so-so in box. Since I already have a nice Prime collection though, I really needed this one for completion.

In hand though, I gotta say its way cooler. He feels stronger than he looks, and is very well proportioned. Fairly quick to Transform too, which is good. I think he will look good next to my other Primes, if I can find them to stand together some day. I guess I will recommend him, if it was two years ago.

I don't really care for his trailer only turning into a gun and battle axe, which looks like something you take camping to poop into.

So if you are going to SDCC this week, please pick me up an Autobot Blaster, I will pay you back and give you homage like no other on this blog for a week. My email is Solarsquirrelus@yahoo.com, and I expect at least ten emails tonight from my rabid fans who constantly shower me with love.

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