Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Building my Plastic Depository

After months of sitting on the fence about what to do with my official Toy / Geek/ Plastic depository room, I finally decided on some really nice premo bookcases. These things are the real deal, made of compressed particle board, with high grade toxic glue, and less than paper white coating skins. These shelves are far better than my old dreams of glass, lights, hinges, sliders, remote controlled bevelers. I decided why should I spend more on shelves than on toys? That would be stupid, it would mean less toys. Also I don't have to drill into the walls with these, which was really starting to irk me about standard shelving.

This is the first of three built. I found the second one tonight, and will have to get the third in a few weeks. I think three will be enough to cover a GI Joe themed bookcase, s Star Wars bookcase, and a Transformers Bookcase. Of course I will probably need a He-man, Power Ranger, and Xevoz bookcase too. All together it should be less then 100 bucks, which is fine by me. I can get everything back up to display speed and feel good about my accomplishment of collecting all that crap.

Oh and I need to remove that hideous baseball wallpaper trim, God I hate those.

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