Saturday, July 03, 2010

But I was going into Nampa to pick up some Power Rangers Wild Force converters!

Fate played its hand this week making me look up toys on Craigslist. The first thing I saw was a Power Rangers Wild Force deluxe collection for a good deal. I made the sale and took the afternoon drive over to Nampa to pick them up.

All four Rangers were in great shape, with all their accessories included! Their weapons form a powerful battle tank, which was much fun to build.

There was instructions to build the tank, but nothing detailing how they ride the tank. I can only imagine it was something like this?

A really impressive Blue Savage Ranger. I like his shark helmet. All four have a 'slot machine' chest feature. When you place their battle pack on, the slots change from gold to a finger claw pattern. The gold claws on their chests also move. They are fairly detailed, and jointed figures, missing maybe elbow and better shoulder joints.

What a great find!

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