Saturday, August 15, 2009

GI Joe tRoC; Cobra Steel Crusher APV

The Cobra Steel Crusher APV by Hasbro, is a must have for the Rise of Cobra line. It is a very spiffy Cobra Hummer from the Paris pursuit scene. Lots of bells and whistles on it, so take a look.

Its pretty big too, when you start attacking Joes against it. The front Iron Plow (removable) has parts for Joes to grip onto.

The top back roof section slides forward covering the sun roof, then flips down the windshield protector. A Cannon then pops out the back much like the Thundertank. There is a storage area for missiles in that compartment.

There are side missiles on each back door side, which I forgot to photo, but they only pretend shoot forward. Unlike the movie where they are directed backwards.

There is still a hole for a trooper to sit out the sun roof and shoot stuff.

Yes this is truly a Cobra Party Machine with plenty of pegs to load figures to the sides for dangerous cruises.

The only downside is the very bland Nitro Viper it comes with. I wish it just had a standard Viper for troop building.

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