Saturday, August 29, 2009

GI Joe tRoC; Burger King Toys part 2

The UV Classified Reveal pen writes in invisible ink, then with the pen light on you can read the secret message. Hawk is writing "Mary is cool!" for buying me this BK kids meal at lunch time a few weeks back. The ink is slightly toxic, I drew a smily face on my upper arm and had to have my arm amputated a few days later. The new bioelectronic arm is working well thanks to this summer's Terminator toys.

The Joe Turbine Twist Howler is pretty cool. It flies on a wand and the wing engines rotate with press of a button. The only draw back is it holds only one figure.

The SFX Scanner will make continuous scans when you wave it back and forth. Amazingly everything seems to register 1869:26. It also shaves your legs really well.

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