Friday, August 07, 2009

GI Joe; Rise of Cobra - Pure Awesomeness!

I had a smile on my face from ear to ear the entire movie! It was incredible! I am a GI Joe fanboy, and this thing was dead on cool. Yes there were some alterations, but that's what made the story clever and new. It was almost like watching the old cartoon transformed to the big screen. (oh wait, thats what it was). Overly huge bases, Overly huge weapons, strange troopers, and yes ray gun weaponry! (I didn't see that coming for some reason). Accelerator suit scene limited to Paris, looked way better on big screen than on TV or computer (So much motion, the fake-ness lessened). This movie was for all ages, with public service messages sprinkled throughout. Hawk in a leather Jacket and green camo pants towards the end!!!! I will think more on a longer review, for now please go see it so they can make a sequel!!!

Well done Hasbro!!!

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