Sunday, August 16, 2009

GI Joe tRoC; Storm Shadow

It's official, GI Joe; The Rise of Cobra, makes you want to buy toys. Maybe it was that pretty spacey Hasbro logo at the beginning of the film. Some sort of subliminal message. I'm sure Storm Shadow has something to do with it.

I already have a few masked Storm Shadows, so I went straight for the unmasked version. It will be interesting to see how the next movie goes, with Destro and Cobra Commander being fully masked. I am sure the actors will want face time, so they will have to write something in. There are so many characters in the GI Joe story that have masks, and so many faces that we never really see. Now we can see Storm Shadow, and I almost think he looks cooler without the mask.

A nice supply of weapons comes with this figure.

He also comes with what looks like a floor buffer.

Oh silly me, its actually a window climber. Not sure the logistics of climbing with this goes though.

What do you think, Storm Shadow with or without the mask?


LEon said...

this is one handsome figure. GI Joe movie figure is far more better than Starwars currently.

Dan said...

Yeah, and this figure is top five for sure! It would be neat to see the Star Wars in a Joe suit.


I prefer this one,not because he is unmasked but because he doesn't have the long coat that limits his articulation.

The Rebel said...

Hey thr! Just came across your excellent blog here!

For the record, I prefer the mask-on version of Stormie here...but the unmasked version does provide a great alternative to a pretty repetitive 'masked' Storm Shadows through out the years......


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