Tuesday, August 18, 2009

GI Joe tRoC; Hawk

Team Blue Camo Pants adds a new member, their leader General Hawk!

Hawk has everything you would want with a GI Joe leader.

Looks pretty much like Dennis Quaid too. Now I can finally reenact scenes from the Rookie, The Parent Trap, and DragonHeart combined in one twisted toy battle. Darn, I sold all my DragonHeart toys a few years ago on ebay come to think of it.

Yeah, lots of stuff. Hawk comes with two Nanomite warheads, unlike the Baronessuss one.

They don't fit to his gun though. But why would he want too?

And now for the part that makes this toy an instant classic. The Ultra Human Mission Glider thing, or the UHM-G pack!

It makes total sense. A general named after a hawk must fly like a hawk too.

If I had this toy back in the GI Joe heyday, I would have needed about twenty.

Five cheers to General Hawk!

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