Saturday, August 08, 2009

GI Joe tRoC; Crimson Neo-Viper play

I haven't been too pleased with the new Viper look until I saw the pretty red one with all the stuff! I'm wondering how their masks will evolve if the movies continue. For Rise of Cobra, they were more of a Destro Iron Mask army sort of thing. Almost Power Ranger bad guy quality. The torso armor is very close to the armor the guards wore in the Stargate stuff.

Shipwreck took advantage while the Red Viper was still stuck in the packaging.

Once out though, Shipwreck took off screaming. Polly fell on his beak.

Look at all this stuff he comes with!

And is that?...

It is!

A snake!

I suppose if the Red Viper does the Two Axe Snake Dance, the snake will come out of the container.

Which Polly then took advantage of.

The Red Viper would rather dangle the snake over a Joe with the long spear. (BTW, Nice Cameo Brendan Fraser).

TIme for a photo op with new and old. Both fit their respected timelines.

What do you think? Like the Red Viper, or should he be taking out the trash for Cobra?

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