Thursday, August 13, 2009

GI Joe tRoC; Ripcord on the couch

Marlon Waynes Ripcord was one of my favorites in GI Joe Rise of Cobra. I have heard some negative stuff being thrown his direction, and not sure why. He was tough, funny, heroic, GI Joe all the way. He teamed up well with Duke, and made you believe the two were buddies for a long time. The toy is a pretty good take too. Its missing a few items, like the gun cuffs on the arms.

Its amazing how easy and little training an Accelerator Suit pilot needs. But thats GI Joe, the best of the best can drive, fly, and suit up in anything and do it well the first time (with some falling down of course). People seemed to hate that idea, but I loved Scarlett's look on her face as Ripcord was getting back up.

Probably the best face sculpt of the line, he not only looks human, but also looks like the actor.

I hope a Duke Accelerator Suit will follow soon.

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