Thursday, August 27, 2009

GI Joe tRoC; Scarlett

Nope, not done taking new Joes out of packages and showing them off. Here's Scarlett! She comes with a sorts of stuff including a spiffy Repelling line. It works similar to your window blinds cord, pull it tight she stays stuck, let some tension go, she slides down. I will have to movie it, its pretty cool.

Not too bad of a figure. Could use some color. Not sure why they didn't choose to dress up the impact armor to at least the Sigma Six style. I'm actually considering getting an extra Scarlett and try painting her to resemble her more familiar color scheme. Never done that before, what kind of paints do I get for that fun?

Scarlett vs a Crimson Viper, who would win? The person with more red?

She has been rejected by Team Blue Camo Pants for not wearing at least blue socks.

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