Monday, August 17, 2009

GI Joe tRoC; Destro's feet are SO small...

I remember the days when this blog shared all toys from all backgrounds equally. Not anymore as the GI Joe; the Rise of Cobra domination continues. So here's Destro! A very cool Destro it is.

Right balance of everything for this figure. I can't remember what he was sporting for costume at the end of the movie, but I don't think this figure is authentic, but still very...

Hey! Where did he go?

Oh there he is, back on the darn thermostat with his Weather Dominator plans. Keeps getting really hot in here, then cold, then hot again. Okay that's enough Destro!

Lets drag him back to the table to ridicule his tiny feet!

Well not that tiny, but they seem very small in proportion to his body. Even the Baronni's feet are almost larger. Destro's feet are SO small he can't even fit on his display stand pegs!

...And now he is trying to sell me his cannon. Good God these weapons are overly large! I wonder what THEY were thinking, and WHO isn't thinking for Hasbro anymore? (I will take there job by the way). What Hasbro should have done with the extra plastic is build a weapon or something. All the pieces could combine for something cool. Hey, how about a M.A.S.S. device, and then NEVER sell the last set to finish it!!!

That's for a different day, different post.

So here are the big three so far. My poor old digital camera sure took a beating with this shot... Focus, focus, focus, wait Storm Shadow is too bright white, focus, focus, wait Baroness is too dark black, focus, focus, flash shoot, picture as is...

Haven't decided on getting a Cobra Commander yet. I am sure for the next movie he will have a better figure. Think I will just wait for the Doctor for now.

Anyone know any other 'Destro's feet are SO small...' jokes, send them my way.

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