Sunday, August 01, 2010

Cobra Serpent / S.N.A.K.E. Battle Armor

Along with the A-Team van being on clearance so was this! Awesome deal too, I had been trying to find one of these for the past year, and always came up empty handed. The Serpent battle armor is so classic it stretches one's inner rubber bands.

Looks like a repaint of the white 1983 version, which terrorized GI Joes in a snow cave. The black looks way more menacing though, and less prone to pinkafying in the sun.

Loading the driver is kind of tricky. Almost reminiscent of fixing a GI Joe with a broken rubber band. You're holding on to the back plate, the two arms and the rest of the figure to snap everything into place. Funny thing is, once its all together, it looks the same with or with out the inner driver. I prefer without, as then I have another Cobra trooper.

Can you imagine the embarrassment being caught with your Serpent armor down?

The version matches the Cobra B.A.T.s really well. Maybe I should ebay a few more, they arn't too expensive yet.

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