Friday, August 06, 2010

2010 SDCC Hasbro's Autobot Blaster Review Day 5

So lets get on with this Blaster review. What's that you say? You want me to review the minions first? Okay!

Its Eject!

He's a little dude about 1/10th the size of Blaster. He almost looks like a mini Soundwave. What is Soundwave doing inside Blaster?

I'm not really sure what his arms are about. They have nubs, and more nubs, that I am not sure what for. He can hold two shiny weapon like things.

My Eject head keeps wanting to pop out in cassette form. I think his arms have something to do with how his head spring attaches inside. I have yet to master it. His legs will also come off if you pull too hard during Transformation, but no harm no foul.

So I trap him in his cassette tape to stop the popping.

Ha-hah, okay okay. I will stop with the minions and go to Blaster next time on the most thorough Autobot Blaster review on the internet ever.

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