Monday, August 09, 2010

2010 SDCC Hasbro's Autobot Blaster Review Day 8, Steeljaw

A few more things to review for Blaster's most thorough review on the internet. It's his pet cat, Steeljaw. I wonder how the meeting went for creating minitapes for Blaster. "Uh guys we need new characters," "Yeah, but we used everything," "How about safari animals!" "Thats a great idea, and has very little to do with Boom boxes!"

Or is it the rhythmic beats of the jungle that the safari animals imitate for Blaster?

Maybe they should add Grasshopper wings to the sides of the Lion to make him look more jumpy?

Don't get me wrong, Steeljaw is one cool cat! Not too much in Transformations though. And for Gods sake Steeljaw, eat a sandwich!

His label indicates he plays 'Metal Position' music, whatever that is.

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