Wednesday, August 11, 2010

GI Joe Shipwreck Arctic Threat in the Summer time

GI Joe toys are clearly the front runner action figure for the most bang for your hardly earned buck these days. I saw a misc super hero today without any joints, accessories, display base, or pet sold for 9.99? What kind of fun deal is that (Mattel)? Then there are GI Joe's sold around 6.99-8.99 full of weapons, display stands, and pets. They are fully jointed, sculpted to incredible detail, and all around kick-ass. This one is a Toys R Us exlcusive, that I have been eyeing for awhile, as I am a Shipwreck fan, okay okay, Polly fan. I also need to start assembling a snow team for the winter.

Right now, there is hardly any winter.

Shipyard must be dying in that down feather government issue jacket.

But heck, these snow shoes come in handy when walking curb trails.

A good GI Joe knows how to blend in, in any environment. Shipyard is not a good GI Joe.

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