Wednesday, August 04, 2010

2010 SDCC Hasbro's Autobot Blaster Review Day 3

Well apparently yesterday's box, was just a sleeve for the real box that holds Autobot Blaster!

Now we are talking! This box is huge, and with the giant Blaster illustrated on the front, you know you're getting something special. Thats right, a Tape Deck and its 1985 all over again.

I am a big fan of this style box, as you can open the toy, play with it, and return it to the box for storage or display, without destroying the box. I wish more Transformers were sold this way. Some of the new fangled boxes they are in are impossible to even attempt to save. And how about that front flap, eh eh eh?! Way cool, its like looking into an old school Lego box. Gee I wonder which toy in there I should play with first? No-no-no, not play, but look over and review every detail of the instruction booklet for proper toy functioning! I know, I know.

Once I open it up, if there isn't another box that I am not seeing, I will review the toy finally, in the most thorough Autobot Blaster review on the internet ever.

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