Saturday, August 07, 2010

2010 SDCC Hasbro's Autobot Blaster Review Day 6

Its Autobot Blaster! A whopping ten and a half inches tall, five inches wide, and square as ever. Not much in articulation, but much in stature, he is a strongman to any Autobot team. I think he could date Barbie he's that tall. He is simple in construction, and in transformation, unlike today's newfangled formers.

He can fit one of three different tapes inside his cassette player, each not playing a different tune. Ramhorn the rhino is inside right now.

He has a giant viewable Autobot symbol on his chest, so I am not sure why he has a secret decoder symbol on his crouch. If you really want to make sure who is allegiance is too, rub his crouch.

Blaster towering over his mini tape team.

I give Blaster five out of five my Little Ponies. I wonder what he looks like in disguise mode? Find out next in the most thorough Autobot Blaster review on the internet ever.

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