Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kittie Galore, the Stupidest of Desk Toys

Cats and Dogs; The revenge of Kittie Galore, seems a little late for a sequel. I would think most of the kids who saw the first movie are now at the age where they would repel the second. Maybe thats why they were giving away two toys at Burger King. I can see the board meeting now.

"Uh Floyd, this new Cats and Dogs movie is tanking in prescreening."
"How many units of toys did we order for Burger King Benson?"
"About three trillion!"
"Good Lord Benson!"
"How about a 2 for one deal?"
"Do it!"

Anyhow, so I was at Burger King today and got these two. I really wanted a Kittie Galore because that would be funny to have, but oh well. The Cat ninja twirls a paper, and its actually kind of cool. I am thinking about painting him to look like Bart. The Dog is more lame. He has a light up badge when you pop his head back. It makes a lot of noise which kind of sounds like a lighter. I think the dog would have been more fun if he was a pull back toy. I already have fun sliding the dog across a table and into the cat.

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