Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Hunger Games - Miniature Figurines - Blind Box

That darn aisle by the checkstands at Target! Now I can never leave without just one more The Hunger Games Figurine fix. My first time, I tried the foil packs found at Walgreens, and got stuck with a boring District boy.

This second time around I had to be more lucky, now with "Whats in the Box" helping me out. And I got a good one, The Agriculture District 11, Thresh himself! Different from how these other figurines go, he is pretty detailed, and has some actual humanity to him. I have to ask, what's in the bag?

The next visit I rolled the boxes again and got, Masonry District 2 Cato! He however, looks nothing like the character, and was whittled by a third grader in his own district, what ever that means. I am okay with that though, he is a main character, has a sharp object, and is leaps and bounds better than my first Tribute fish boy.
I picked up one more box, but lets wait a day in anticipation.

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