Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Hunger Games - Miniature Figurines - Blind Box

That darn aisle by the checkstands at Target! Now I can never leave without just one more The Hunger Games Figurine fix. My first time, I tried the foil packs found at Walgreens, and got stuck with a boring District boy.

This second time around I had to be more lucky, now with "Whats in the Box" helping me out. And I got a good one, The Agriculture District 11, Thresh himself! Different from how these other figurines go, he is pretty detailed, and has some actual humanity to him. I have to ask, what's in the bag?

The next visit I rolled the boxes again and got, Masonry District 2 Cato! He however, looks nothing like the character, and was whittled by a third grader in his own district, what ever that means. I am okay with that though, he is a main character, has a sharp object, and is leaps and bounds better than my first Tribute fish boy.
I picked up one more box, but lets wait a day in anticipation.


Playmobil Super Sets said...

Hunger Games is a good film to watch. It's about the adventure of a girl, where she needs to survive the challenge for her fellowmen. This action figures is good to collect, just like its film it is also great to have with.

Makayla Lerner said...

Lucky! I got two of the boxes and got un-named tributes. A girl from three, who looks to be slouching, like,"I'm about to fight to the death, yeah," she dies at the cournicopia but i don't know how, all i know it that she was put in a close-up when she was on the ground. I also got the boy from nine, he was kind of scary looking, he had huge eyes...lol.


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