Tuesday, June 19, 2012

GI Joe 30th Anniversary Seymour "Sci-Fi" Fine, Yo shoot your eye out Joe!

One of the best parts of 30th Anniversary figures is the chance to get a character you never had before. I want to say I never got a Sci-fi because I never had the $2.49 in the wallet at the same time I saw him on store shelves (that, or I had to use the funds to replace the many General Hawks I went through).  So now, years later, I can add him to the team.

Uh, did Sci-fi get the memo that the cartoon GI Joe's shoot with lasers anyways, making his ability kind of played?

Joking aside, he is another great figure. He doesn't come with as much stuff as the other guys (which is kind of relieving this time around). He comes with two helmets, a spiffy ray gun and back pack. Cool wired boots too. I did have a little trouble getting him to hold the gun though, it takes a little fiddling.

Under the helmet he has a good looking face sculpt (almost Torpedo Joe like). I wouldn't recommend taking the helmet off though.

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