Monday, June 18, 2012

GI Joe 30th Anniversary Lifeline Rescue Trooper

Its hard to believe that I still have a case full of mostly unopened 30th Anniversary GI Joes! Many of which are some of my favorite figures ever (I always say that)! I will try and make more time for these in the next couple of weeks. Lifeline, has been on my mind to open this weekend. I needed an open medic for my team, as poor Doc (the sort-of special mail-away) has been left in his fancy plastic box.  Lifeline does not disappoint as he is another Joe that comes with a ton of accessories!

In fact, who cares about Lifeline the figure, its all about the accessories. There is enough fun here to last me all week.  The heart paddles alone can make some great play.

Lifeline might just be the first figure ever to come with two display stands. His normal stand, and his back rest stand. This pose reminds me of Malcolm in the Middle, when the dad escaped the hospital.

The best leaders are the ones willing to do field medical care to themselves.

I got my case from Hasbro Toy Shop, but it looks like these are finally reaching the shelves in stores around my town. Although I haven't seen Lifeline yet in stores, the others I have. With his bright red uniform, he will make a striking contrast to my other GI Joes. Now I just need to brush up on my "Medic-Mixes" that I may demonstrate too sometime this summer.

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