Thursday, June 21, 2012

GI Joe 30th Anniversary Techno-Viper the Cobra Engineer!

The Techno-Viper is the purple gem to the 30th Anniversary figure set. Again, loaded with stuff and crazy awesome detail, he makes toy collecting/hoarding worth it.

Perhaps he can help organize my Toy Museum mess of boxes piling up. That cone is a nice touch. I wouldn't mind troop building that cone.

Hang on, what is going on here...

Get the Techno-Viper you will, yes get the Techno-Viper.


Optimal Omega said...

This is easily my favorite figure of the wave. I wasn't able to troop build him like I wanted, only getting 4, but I love this figure.

Dan said...

Only 4, lol. Awesome!

jboypacman said...

He is a pretty sweet looking "Army Builder" figure thats for sure.

Dan said...

Wait, we are talking the Han Solo torcher figure right?

Optimal Omega said...

Well, if you're going to troop build, you need at least 6, right?

Yelinna said...

"Excuse me guy who looks nothing like me..."
*hits Han on the head intead using a laser saber*
Now Dart Vader is 20% cooler!
:D :D :D


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