Friday, June 29, 2012

GI Joe Renegades Scarlett Undercover Agent

Renegades Scarlett continues the amazing GI Joe line of the past year. This might be the first female figure that actually holds up to the strength of play of the male figures. Except for maybe her small wrists and hands, the figure functions and feels like a GI Joe toy should, solid and ready for any kind of punishment.

Low on accessories, but not on looks, Scarlett is quickly becoming one of the go to figures in my bin of action figures. Every time I go to play, figures like Shipwreck and Snake Eyes ask if she can come out too. Every angle of this toy looks good, I think the designers might have been channeling Emma Stone on the face design.

She's a smoking update to the classic look, keeping the design simple yet working in many of her past features. Again, with the solid updated design, she can do anything the other Joes can; sit, kick, and flip (without falling over or breaking).

Now it's off to target practice with her famous Crossbow shoot'n buddy Chewbacca.

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