Sunday, June 03, 2012

BonkaZonks Marvel Series 1 Toy and Game Review

Today I am playing with Marvel BonkaZonks. They looked kind of fun and different, so I picked up the Face Case pack and also a Standard 4 pack. The Face Case runs about $12.99-14.99 and the four pack is about $5.99 or so. Target was cheaper, so I made sure to buy at Toys R Us. DOh! There are also blind packs, 2 for about $3.99. They are silly, but not too fantastic to really get into in the long run. As I said in the video, they missed an opportunity for different sizes of BonkaZonks. So far, I find playing any game other than tossing them into the container, pretty darn hard. One container is worth it though, for the game shelf.


jboypacman said...

I saw these the other day at Target and Toys R' Us and was wondering what they were all about and now i know thanks Dan. : )

Anonymous said...

Nicely done video... I've played with these and there are a few ways to spin and flick them, (you don't throw them:) they work really well once you get it. Then you can hit targets and play some cool games, do the stunts, etc.

Dan said...

Thanks, I will keep practicing my "flick" hope I don't make the dog lose an eye. :)


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