Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Hunger Games - Miniature Figurines - District 12 Peeta Mellark, with Fire Cape

Now here is a figure of great importance to cinema, Peeta himself. Funny thing is, since I didn't read the book, I thought his name was "Peter," but with Katniss's accent making it sound more like Peeta. I think the same thing happened in The Chronicles of Narnia, but in that case his name really was Peter. Anyways, this is the flame cape Peeta version, seen in the ceremony parade deal. I did not expect a flame cape Peeta, so awesome to be me.
 Just look at that fancy cape flame detail. Only the finest toy makers can pull that texture off.

This would be my group so far. Here is hoping I go to Target again soon.


IDstormtroopers said...

i saw these at hastings and all of them were opened... perhaps the toymuseum was tired of doubles?

Dan said...

Ooooh you must tell of me what characters you see...


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