Monday, June 11, 2012

Hot Wheels Batman Edition Wall Tracks Starter Set in Action

Wow, what a day! I am still a bit dizzy from constantly picking up Batmobiles and reloading them into the track. I don't think I have every played so hard, and with such a strange toy. Who ever came up with these wall tracks is a genius. This is just a starter pack, so you can add more tracks to this for even more stunts and action. I am very pleased overall with the function of this toy, with very little mishaps. My only problem is I don't have a free wall I can keep this on, so its going to have to come down. Moving these tracks is the only real problem. If you have a permanent free wall, its all good. The Tumbler Batmobile performed so-so. The rubber band propelled loop helped push it through, but a heavier car like the Arkham Asylum did a little better. Also, if you are doing a chain of cars, there are times of mass crash, but not to bad if you plan the right cars. Good Day.

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