Monday, April 30, 2012

The Hunger Games - Miniature Figurine - District 4 Tribute Boy

Will these low cost blind toy packs ever end? The Hunger Games was a good flick, and I hope ESPN gets the rights to air some of the previous more violent games, but for now I am left with these mini figurines. Same old rules, a blind "Foil" pack with one figure inside for about $1.99. These figures are placed in a plastic shell, so you can't "Smoosh" for your favorites. If you could though, you would have to have amazing tactile instincts to pull a Katniss. There is a hole punch right by the large number 1 on the front, which probably determines who is inside. I don't know those codes.

I hit the jackpot with the District 4 Fishing Tribute. He doesn't even have a name online? Or does he? Tribute Boy, is all I have, and he is from the fishing district. Darn, I can't even remember how he gets killed. In the beginning fight, the kid who is hiding behind all the weapon supply crates??? The Figurine is pretty static, podium-ized, and painted okay like. His hairline paint is a bit off. Since he is a boy, I wonder if the other tributes will be scaled taller. I might have to pick up another one.

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