Thursday, May 03, 2012

Zodak this 200x Roboto Teela!

For the last couple of weeks I have been an Ebay-ing mooch, picking up 200x Masters of the Universe figures all over. I really want that whole core collection! I am down to hunting for the more rare figures, and they can get a little spendy, so I focused on the loose. Hopefully nothing was in the bathtub. Zodak has been on my list for a long time and so was Roboto. I got really lucky as a seller had both to offer.
Roboto is a good homage to the classic, but with some fancy skewing. He's like looking into a crazy circus mirror. He continues the working inside gears, and moving jaw action feature, which is fantastic! He now also features an added chest plate for battle. He almost seems a little small though, as he was massive on the show. Also, thanks to the uncertain world of Ebay auctions, I paid more for a loose Roboto, then a packaged one I bid on the next day! Now I have two.
Old School Zodak was such a "Nice-Guy", then he was re-imagined to be more of a "Bad-Ass-Nice-Guy". Zodak is now black and has tatoos of "Z" on him. He is more of a martial arts dude in 200x, vs guy in recliner of the classics (He still has the recliner in the update, but its not as loungy). His helmet is removable, and tilts down slightly, which is kind of sad. While he looks amazing, I am a tad let down, as I guess he doesn't really do anything Masters like. No periscoping neck, springing legs, or green sport coat. He will look good behind other main figures though. Also, I like how he has the two finger point attack stance. I think he actually did that maybe "once" on the show.
While I lucked out with pretty darn good condition Zodak and Roboto, (they need minor dust washing, and open air refreshing), Teela will need some more decontamination...
She is in great shape, with all weapons and solid joints, but she smells a little funny. Its hard to say, maybe smokey, maybe onions, or maybe sweaty. She probably spent a great deal of time in storage. I have her in a plastic baggie with some of my wife's Victoria Secret "PINK" sprayed inside. She'll be okay in a few days. Now I am just down to finding a Evil Lynn and my all time favorite Fist-o.

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