Friday, May 11, 2012

Epic Lego Minifigures Battles 5! Series 7 brawl

I might have spent over 8 hours today on the finishing touches to this stop motion killer. As these Lego Minifigures vids are by far my most popular, I try to one up them each time. This time I pack in the entire line up of Series 7, nearly obliterating the poor Hippie in the process. My newer Camera can do somethings, and I really like being able to shoot in 16:9 1080 right out of the gate. I solved some of the flicker issues, but there always will be some. I think this turned out awesome, and I hope you all enjoy, share, take over the world with. Now I can take the weekend off! Maybe a Vlog/Squirrel Stampede variety show to follow next week...

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