Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kre-O Transformers - 90 Piece Optimus Prime

I was banished from the house the other night for a bridal shower, so after hitting up the dog park, I went to Toys R Us and Walmart and picked up a few things that I could play with in the car, before I was able to return home. One toy that I have passed on many times, but wanted for the Prime Shrine was a Kre-O Optimus Prime. I wasn't about to shell out the big bucks for the large movie version, but was happy to fiddle with the 90 piece junker.
I don't want to come down too hard on this toy, I imagine it was a design feat to pull this off with 90 pieces. The toy has to be able to build both Robot and Vehicle so I imagine complete cosmetics were out the window at the beginning.
Some things are good with colors, and Head, and stickers looking Prime right. The overall appearance is a bit clunky though. This often happens though with building block toys (same with the old Built-To-Rule line of Transformers block sets). In the end though, its different and will look good on my Prime Collection shelf (soon to be shown on a video or something maybe).
My guess is that this line will be hitting clearance soon, (if not already), I don't see it living for long. I think its an okay idea to try, and maybe could have been marketed better. The awesome minifigures Transformers some sets come with, are too expensive. Those are a huge draw, and I know they pack them just to sell the big sets. But maybe if they figured away to get those minifigures with more affordable sets, they would sell better. In the end though, if you want a Transformer, you buy a real Transformer, not a build a block one. Same goes for building block playsets.
The worst part, is they can never figure out how to transform the character, with out REEE-build. Something to do though, when trying to avoid a bunch of screaming girls over new cook ware.
The box really is the best part, its reusable and just looks cool. Since the set was only $7.98, I didn't feel too robbed. Maybe if a few go on really big deals I will get another.

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