Thursday, May 24, 2012

Imaginext Stegosaurus - WWW #1

And the take home is... The Imaginext Stegosaurus! Looks like I totally threw most of you off on this one. Well to be true, at first I did pick up the Legos, but I just wasn't into them, and I realized the gift card I had would cover something larger, so I switched out. This was before yesterday's post, so its all in the clear.

This actually isn't my first Imaginext Dinosaur, I got the blue Apatosaurus at Target for $18.99, a couple weeks back. Funny that it is larger than the yellow Stegosaurus. I just had to have these guys, and finally got around to getting a couple. They remind me of the DinoRiders toys from the 80's that I never had. Imaginext toys are so solid, with working action features, and lots of attitude.

The best part besides the awesome armor and cool working action features, are the pilots. Is that Commander Riker from Star Trek??? I think so! Well the yellow driver is actually Riker's evil brother Thomas. The blue figure (not shown), is Will, but I am straying from the point.

The Yellow Stegosaurus comes with a massive working hammer that wacks a mighty punch with turn of figure platform. The armor is removable for softer times, although with those plates, soft is a figure of speech. The only draw back is not enough chrome. Most of the dino's have nice chrome helmets and it would have been awesomer if the plates were chrome too. Hmmm, maybe I could do this?

So that ends Which Won Wednesday #1, the Stegosaurus. Looks like Jboypacman called my trick and is now in the lead.

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