Monday, May 07, 2012

Marvel Universe Thor! (with display stand, yea!)

The Movie Thor and Avengers Thor action figures just don't work for me, so I went with the Marvel Universe comic Thor. He appears more Thor like, if that helps. This version has Thor in his darker fatigues after he visited Dark Disney Land, or whatever the back of the box states.

The packaging makes sure that one of his helmet feather wings bends floppy like.

And it succeeded.

When I posted Masters Whiplash last week, Hobgoblin238 asked, "How does he match up to say...a 3.75 Thor figure?" I didn't have a Thor then, so this made getting this Thor all the more reasonable, as I wanted this one for awhile now. You can see Thor is pretty tiny, but it would be a good match up. And of course, IDstormtroopers, Thor would grab the lizard by the tail, swing like a helecopter, and throw him over a mountain we've never seen before.

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