Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Masters of the Universe 200X Whiplash

The year was 2003, I was at Target on Eagle, I see a Whiplash, I no get, I don't see again until today. I originally passed, thinking I would see again really soon. Bad idea. The line fell apart quickly after that, and I was crushed to this day. My favorite Masters of the Universe line is the early 2000 stuff. Its unique and more "playable" than the vintage stuff, or the new "fancy" Matty Collector stuff.

In moving my Toy Museum from one room to another, I started opening lots of toys in storage boxes, like Buzz-Off and Merman from a couple weeks ago. I didn't have a Whiplash stored, so I had to go to Ebay. I got a crazy, crazy, insane, major, rocking deal on him, almost less than I would have paid for him in 2003. Most of that line Are Ebay-able from ten to twenty, but a few of the rare ones go way higher.

After immediately opening him I will say without doubt, he is top five out of something. He is a total large, solid, thick, fantastically playable action figure. He comes with a strange alien sword like weapon, and holds it well. His strong fists and his flashy skirt are also noteworthy.

Whiplash's pinkies give Megan Fox's stumpy thumbs a run for her money.

Whiplash's action feature is a strong 180 degree tail whip...


He-Man is going to have to work extra hard now that this guy is on the shelf with him.

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