Thursday, April 12, 2012

Transformers Prime: Soundwave

Well this week has officially got up and walked away from me taking a giant trip to the feet while thus continuing. I was totally geared up Monday to post all sorts of stuff, and had a great Marvel Squinkie video to start with too. It's done, but in YouTube limbo, as I am awaiting approval; that it is safe from pirates. I didn't want to post it until its 100% A-Okay, as if I have to RE-Shoot, I didn't want to loose too many views. Ughhh, so that whole early set-back has had me waiting allllll week, with nothing accomplished!!! Well, that, and Soundwave here.

I also started a Soundwave can do somethings stop motion, but its terrible, and still not video ready either. Then to top things off I decided to switch the Toy Museums home location room, with the nursery room, thus wasting more creative time. Although the soon-to-be NEW Toy Museum location is totally mind blowing, and I should do a proper full collection video quickee someday too soon.

Alas! Anyways, here are a few shots of Soundwave from the so-far, "botched" stop motion. As toys go he is pretty neat. Maybe a tad small, but still worthy as a Drone, which makes a great disguise from our normal tape player.

Can you see where he hides Lazerbeak? Hint: Its in the same location he always hangs out in.

Hopefully soon, I will have a more fitting show of Soundwave here, and those Marvel Squinkies.


Oh, wait, here is the review now :)

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