Wednesday, April 18, 2012

GI Joe Renegades: Airtight the Hostile Environmental Specialist

Airtight is my favorite GI Joe that I apparently know nothing about. He is found in the hard to get last wave of the Renegades line, which finally gives us an Airtight figure that both celebrates the classic and modern look.

I found him not at the store but by getting a case of figures through Hasbro's Toy Shop, and I have yet to see him in stores in Idaho. I still have my original Airtight, who is in extreme floppy condition. Its a miracle I was able to stand him up, or I guess he is just leaning heavily into his bad joints.

What I have always got wrong on Airtight was his backstory. I thought he was a Pilot, which is a pretty good guess given the suit, and "Air" in his name. Since I never had his file card, I originally found him loose in lucky peak reservoir, and had no backstory knowledge. I personally gave him secondary pilot chair, behind Slip Stream, and a slight water fetish, and that was that.

Turns out that he is actually a haz-mat guy, and now the "Well Duh!" comes to light. That makes more sense in SO many ways, as I don't remember him flying a plane in the old show (Of course, all GI Joes flew a Sky Striker at some point, so I guess they are all pilots).

It makes more sense that he was testing the hazardous contaminated waters of Lucky Peak's Sandy Point play area, before he fell in and sunk to the bottom and was caught by my foot. And it makes sense why he comes with all these air sensing tools.

Like the many other new GI Joe figures, he comes with way too much stuff to decide what he gets to hold. I really like the pack with the tank. His other pack has the hose that attaches to the air purifier, and for once the hose stays on via a longer peg. He has some spiffy wrist articulation too, that work well with that one hand instrument thingy. The figure's plastic feels a little squishy more than normal. Maybe all those chemicals he works with caused that. He slips of his display stand a little easily. His helmet though, fits very well.

Now I just need to get the Hazard Viper out, Airtight's mortal enemy. Airtight is making a strong case that I don't.

Not sure why I included this picture. Maybe it was the logistics of figure stacking. Or its my slight fever that is causing this whole post to feel a bit off to me. Airtight is doing good job carrying me through I guess.

If you can, get Airtight, he is a must.

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