Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tarantula Planet by Uncle Milton, Redbeard the Pirate Spider! Series 1

Oh this is real! And totally stupefying! I have always wanted a Pirate Spider!

Visiting my local Toys R Us yesterday, I thought I would branch away from the stuff I usually get. I was walking by the more nerdly science toys, when a couple of misplaced spiders caught my eye. The blue Octane racing spider, and the green Tango soldier spider. Neither really bit me, but the pirate spider on the back of the box said look for more. I had to look around the store, and I finally found the official spot, and there was Red beard!

So what do these Tarantula's do? They creepy crawlin', that's what. Well, that's what the box said, and I am always a sucker for the box misinforming me. I imagined they were made of a really soft NASA plastic, with highly intricate robotic legs that would scurry the spider about.

Instead it was just a hard plastic spider with wheels on the bottom. :(

Okay-Okay, once my initial disappointment was over, I got to know what it really does. It is sound activated, so when you clap or cough or yell, it rolls across the floor a few feet and stops. Actually pretty cool. Did I mention the eyes light up red? The cat kind of liked it, for thirty seconds. What really sells it though, is the whole dress of the spider. Really, have you ever scene a Tarantula with a Polly Parrot, Pirate Hat, Pirate hook, and Pirate tattoo?

So yeah, for $9.99 is it worth to have in the old insane collection? They sell a small crate for it to live in, but thats another $9.99 for just a plastic box? Okay. So, that's my story of Red Beard the Pirate Spider Tarantula.

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