Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tron Legacy Deluxe Light Runner, Future Fab or Flub?

I was more interested in the car than the bikes for the new movie, it was different and future pretty. Again, I found a steal of a deal (which is making my less toys this year goal fall apart). Thats 50% of of 15.97, so about $7.99. At that price, this thing could be a POS and still be the best toy ever made.

After opening, my first concern was that the finish would be prone to finger prints. I was relieved to find the plastic cheap and already full of mars, so anything I do will be hard to see. Its a pretty heavy car, mainly for the batteries in the back? It feels like there is lead weight back there. My second concern was how fast does it go? Looking at those big round wheels makes one think this thing will glide across the room without a sound. Pretty much the exact opposite, it moves a painful few feet, with sounds of grinding, chaffing, and scratching with a pretty substantial push. They also missed a neat opportunity with the axil arms not being able to lift the car up an inch off the floor, for rugged carpet terrain. The arm supports are there, they just don't move.

A neat little gimmick up front, panels that open, and springing guns pop out. They look cool, but my right side panel pops off when I go to open it. Not really a bad thing though, I like them.

The cockpit, canopy, hood, top thingy lifts up to fit figures. The toys fit okay (better than some vehicles out there). Maybe because they left out a floor, and sides. The action figures backs plug into the car for lights, but so far, I get the same effect as pushing the button on the back of the car. Anyone get a different effect, let me know. The instruction are like fifty pages long, but no help at all. I do appreciate that it fits two figures. Too many times designers cheap out, and fit only one figure (90's Batmobiles).

As you can see, if you drop your drink, you do not have to worry about your car's floor interior. No cup holders by the way.

Yeah, its that hard to take a photo with the lights going at the same time. I finally timed it by pressing both my camera and the car button at the same time. I dig the back end of this vehicle, very future like. Just don't look at it in certain angles, or it might appear to look like Ace and Gary's Ambiguously Gay Duo car (you'll probably want go google that now, just be forewarned).

One of the better features of the car is the front shocks, would you call them? There is a nice 45 degree tilt either way for the car to do tricks with. The rotation is solid, and holds strong. By the way, the little side fins behind the front wheels are really fragile feeling, and don't do anything except hold a spiffy emblem.

Next to the A-Team van it looks really weird. Which ride would you choose?

I may have mocked the Light Runner a bit in this review, but actually I like it even with all its faults. It's so different than many of the other vehicles I own, it will get a special place on the shelf. It also fits as an anchor to my Tron Legacy collection. Now the fight will begin as who gets to drive it. At least until I find a Quorra figure.

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