Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Man-At-Arms 2001 Masters of the Universe

I am home today with a slight fever, and bored, so there is no stopping what stupid things I can do. Like opening a toy from ten years ago. Ten years? Holy Crap, I can't believe its been that long since these guys came out!

But, first I had to find the figure I was thinking about...

Hey! Thats where Saruman and Archer were hanging out! I should open those in about ten more years.

There we go, Man-At-Arms from the early 2000's line of far superior Masters of the Universe action figures, (that Mattel so stupidly buried for the Batman license). Just to be safe, I just checked his ebay value, and its running around $20. Of course, after this opening, there will be 1/100,000 less Man-At-Arms in package, and my review will spur interest, and the value will jump to $200, but I will take that chance.

So there he is, finally out of the box! Not a bad figure at all. I really like the slightly exaggerated proportions of these guys, makes them total action figure bad-asses. I think a common gripe about these figures where the extended neck face deal, but with Man-At-Arm's face shield its hardly noticeable.

Pop on his weapons and he's even more Bad-ass. A large future mace weapon, and arm cannon with projectile. There are about 12 points of articulation on these figures, not as much as the new guys, but still plenty for plenty of action. In some ways I prefer less, as they are less likely to fall over in some weird way, because of some weak joint. The lower joint count also helps keep them inline with Original Masters of the Universe toys.

His back has a tiny hole to hold the gun, and check out those stylish Shadow-Beast Underwear, all the rage of Eternia. With the press of his back button, the action feature arm swing goes underway, for mace to skull bashing.

From this angle his eye looks really messed up, but rest assured its okay.

I admire his face sneeze shield, I could use one of those this week.

I added him to my Grayskull scene up on the top shelf, he really helps complete the good guys. And yes, I really need to remove that Baseball wallpaper, which dampens the dreary mood of Castle Grayskull.

Totally glad I opened him. I would say 9 out of ten My Little Ponies for a figure score. Maybe I will open Trap-Jaw, if this cold continues.

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