Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tron Legacy Sam and Rinzler Small Scale Figures

I gotta say, I actually dig some of the small scale Tron Legacy figures. Of course, finding them on clearance already, for $3.50 a piece, makes them much more likable. I'll say my usual stuff, good articulation (except for hips), good likeliness, and fun play with these two. They light up for a few seconds with a push of a button on their back.

You do have to look carefully at your choices in the store though. Rinzler's paint doesn't completely cover his light inside his torso. His right middle torso glows slightly, which kind of annoys me. Maybe some flat black spray paint...

Their display stands are nice, which help get them in many game like positions. If I can find a cheap-o Clu to add, I will. These will fit nicely in the 3 3/4" scale stuff that I typically horde.


Iok said...

I managed to snag a Black Guard for $7.99 and felt ripped-off (even at that 'reduced' price) but for $3.50 each, they're a steal. I'd certainly consider picking them up if I could find them at that price.

Stephen said...

Glad to see you got them for a decent price Dan. Like Lok, I WAY overpaid for mine (about $12.00 USD) and don't feel I got much value for it. The light-up feature is fun for about a minute, but all things considered I'd rather have some more articulation in the limbs. I don't suppose you've picked up any of the Delxue's yet?

Dan said...

Yikes, those are some high prices! I am surprised they were reduced so fast here. If I ever see a good deal on a deluxe, I will get one, but thats iffy as they are harder to find.


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