Thursday, February 03, 2011

McDonald's Happy Meal, 2011 Tonka Trucks, The Red Jungle Protector

My local McDonald's has these awesome Tonka trucks included with their Happy Meals this month. Yes, I buy Happy meals, and Yes I got the Tonka truck instead of the My Little Ponies. With that out of the way, on to my review...

These are so awesome! I was turned off on them at first, as I saw them without the stickers (that YOU have to apply), there were so plain looking. I wanted some cheap fun though, so I got one anyways, and I am glad I did. Did I mention they are awesome? There are 8 to collect, each doing something unique. The Jungle Protector (ironic name for a Truck with a bulldozer on it), has a flip over dozer.

To make it even better the back wheels raise so that the Truck can really push stuff out of the way.

Yeah its not made of metal, but still the plastic is pretty durable. The sticker part makes it fun, as you get some personal time with the truck right out of the baggie (although some of the stickers are really small, and one needs tiny fingers).

If you get an opportunity to pick one up, do so, they are much fun to play with. I have the Tow Truck as well, and would like to get two more for a set of four. Now to stomach the food down...

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