Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Lego Indiana Jones; Ambush in Cairo 7195, Uh-oh...

I suddenly realized the other day I never bought any Indiana Jones Legos! I played the Nintendo DS game thoroughly, then lost focus on the actual sets. I really wanted the Indiana Jones/Dad motorcycle pack, but at this point I'll take anything on the shelf. Thankfully, Toys R Us still had a few sets. The Ambush in Cairo set isn't a bad second place, as it has many key minifigures, only missing a monkey!!! I will have to get one then.

How cute, does everyone look!

Its also pretty neat that this set integrates well with my other Adventure themed Legos. Look how the street fills up with many neat characters and situations!

"Beep! Beep!" Watch out, I hope there isn't a cool Sword fight with Indy and the Black Swordsman to entertain everyone, ha ha ha...

Oh Crap!

I Thought they were joking when they wanted health benefits. Well I'm not leaving, so SUCK ON THAT!

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