Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Lego Toy Story; Army Men on Patrol 7595

I had to jump on this set sooner or later. Actually, its been out for awhile, so its later, and I had to jump. I am trying to stick with a list of toys this year, and I didn't want to forget this one, and bumping it for something else would have been bad. So relief that I have it, and now my list of wants is really low.

I open box, I get a pile of army men pieces, they no on Patrol yet.

...And Walla! Army Men on Patrol. It messes with your eyes seeing the Lego Mini figures in just green, its really unreal. You get a Medic, Rifleman, Mine Sweeper, and Driver for each box. Extra pieces too, so if you want an extra rifleman, I guess you could have one.

I Like this set, its unique as it is an army themed toy in Lego, in which a loophole Lego produced, because they have a rule to not make army toys. Tell that to star WARS though.

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